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Joint call to participate in the upcoming March for Science

Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Bad Honnef, 2 May 2019 - Another March for Science will take place on 4 May 2019. In many cities around the world, thousands of people - not just scientists - will once again be on the streets to demonstrate for science.

In addition to many banners, the words "Science Bridges Cultures" will also be noticed on buttons. Under this motto, five scientific societies have called on their more than 130,000 members to participate in the March for Science 2019 – the Association of Geosciences DVGeo, the German Mathematical Society DMV, the German Physical Society DPG, the German Chemical Society GDCh and the German Association of Life Sciences VBIO.

Once again the major mathematical and scientific societies want to send a common signal that exact and careful sciences are essential for a modern society and not for populist theses. Scientific facts must not be denied, relativised or compared to "alternative facts" as equivalent. If findings such as human-induced climate change are played down and initiatives against global warming are stopped or reduced, the lives of millions of people are threatened.

A strong signal for science

The classification of scientific findings requires a free and rational scientific discourse. Scientific facts form the basis for the political-social debate. The mathematical-scientific societies are resolutely opposed to the falsification of scientific knowledge. If the findings of research and science are only presented as one possible opinion of many, they lose their significance, and science is ultimately deprived of its right to exist. The scientific gain of knowledge must remain the measure of all things, even and especially when it leads to inconvenient answers. Scientific facts as the basis of social discourse are not negotiable!

Science thrives on cooperation across borders

Moreover, scientific facts are not bound to national borders. Therefore, the free exchange between scientists of all nationalities must not be restricted. The mathematical-scientific societies therefore advocate the unlimited exchange of scientific ideas. For that, all actors must be able to conduct free research and travel. Because: Science bridges cultures.


Voices from the world of science


In 2019 there will again be Marches for Science in many cities in Germany and elsewhere. A joint major event is also planned in Germany.


Impressions March for Science 2018

Photos: © DPG / Samulat 2018, © DPG / Metzelthin 2018 and © DPG / Pump 2018

For more information on joint activities by the five societies, visit www.wissenschaft-verbindet.de.

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