Welcome to the joint website of the five major mathematical and scientific societies – the Dachverband der Geowissenschaften (DVGeo), the Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV), the Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft (DPG), the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh) and the German Association of Life Sciences (VBIO). Together, the professional societies represent more than 130,000 members.

We are united by the awareness that those working in science are particularly responsible for shaping the whole of human life. As representatives of our disciplines, we bring the actors together across the board in a community of responsibility and values and commit ourselves to stand up for freedom, tolerance, truthfulness and dignity in science. We are convinced that scientific knowledge is a basic prerequisite for meeting the challenges of the future. Facts must form the basis for political and social debates. This requires a free and rational scientific discourse.

We want to set an example of cosmopolitanism and hospitality. International contacts of scientists and scholars in a global, pluralistic world promote research and development and thus benefit everyone. Scientists and scholars from all over the world bring knowledge and culture to Germany and Europe and enliven universities and research institutions. This is why we are resolutely opposed to all protectionist and group-specific restrictions that make it difficult for people to work scientifically in another country.

In order to make ourselves heard in the public sphere, we work together at various levels. One example is the joint call to participate in March for Science. In addition, before the 2017 Bundestag elections, we asked the parties represented in the German Bundestag about their ideas on science policy. We have made the answers of the parties public as "electoral touchstones" in order to give all interested parties the opportunity to include them in their election decisions.

As important mathematical and scientific societies, we are also committed to improving scientific teaching. Together with the Stifterverband, four of the five specialist societies award the Ars Legend Faculty Prize for Mathematics and Natural Sciences each year. The prize is intended to make visible the special importance of university teaching for the training of young scientists in mathematics and the natural sciences and to create a career-effective incentive to become involved in university teaching and to promote it beyond one's own sphere of influence. In addition, we are jointly committed to attractive science teaching in schools and emphasize its importance for the development of Germany as a business location.